Gamjatang or 감자탕 is a Korean Pork Bone Soup. Gamjatang originates from the Jeolla-Do area which is in the South West of Korea and has a history dating back 100s of years. It is made with the following base ingredients: pork bone (normally from the spine), vegetables, green onion, chilli peppers and sesame seeds. Also as the name suggests 감자 which in Korean means Potato is often included.


Here are a couple of pictures of Gamjatang or 감자탕 in all of its glory. This version only cost ₩6000 (less than $7):

Gamjatang 감자탕 Korean Pork Bone Soup

Gamjatang 감자탕 Korean Pork Bone Soup 2


This video will explain how to make your very own Gamjatang or 감자탕:

You can find Gamjatang or 감자탕 all over South Korea as well as in good Korean restaurants around the world.

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