Maehwasu Bottle - Korean Plum Liqour 5

Maehwasu or 매화수 is a type of Korean Plum Liquor (매실주). Maehwasu is a popular drink in Korea and is marketed as a female friendly version of Soju because of it’s sweet taste and lower alcohol content.  It’s is normally drank in shot form whilst eating a meal. Maehwasu is the main version of MaeSilJu (매실주) and is produced by Jinro. It is a clear pinky yellow color and also carries the tag line “Sweet Blooming”.


Flavor / Main Ingredient: Prunus mume often called Green plum, Korean plum, Chinese plum or Japanese apricot.

Alcoholic Content: 14%

Price: ₩1400-2500 (mart / supermarket) or ₩3000-6000 (Bar / Restaurant)

Bottle Size: 300ml


Maehwasu Bottle - Korean Plum Liqour 3

Maehwasu Bottle - Korean Plum Liqour

Maehwasu Bottle - Korean Plum Liqour 4

Advertisements / Commercials:

Here are a couple of print based advertisements as well as one TV advert link (from 2006). All of these advertisements are aimed towards females.

maehwasu Korean Print Ad

maehwasu Simple Korean Print Ad

Click Here to watch the Maehwasu Video on Nate:


Although Maehwasu is marketed towards women it has a nice sweet taste that can be enjoyed by both men and women. It should be warned that it doesn’t taste as strong as its 14% label and before you know it you can be quite drunk, so as with any alcoholic drink you should drink responsibly.


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