French Cafe Mix Coffee Box

Either called French Cafe, French Cafe Coffee Mix or French Cafe Cafe Mix, this is one of the leading and most popular Instant Coffees available in South Korea. Koreans love their coffee with a coffee shop on every major street and at least one in every supermarket and subway station. However at home and in the workplace Koreans normally go for instant coffee. The instant coffee market in Korea is huge and one of the market leaders is French Cafe Coffee Mix.

French Cafe Coffee Mix comes in a few different flavors however the most popular is the latte (Coffee, Sugar & Milk or Cream). With a box of 20 sticks costing around W4,000 (so W200 a cup) which is cheap compared to the price of a cup from a coffee shop or even the cost of making fresh cup at home.


Here are a few pictures of the box, sticks and finished product:

French Cafe Mix Coffee Box + Sticks

French Cafe Mix Coffee sticks

French Cafe Mix Coffee Cup

French Cafe Mix Coffee Box + Cup

Adverts / Commercials for French Cafe Coffee Mix

On Korean Television you’ll often see these (or similar) adverts for French Cafe Coffee Mix, this first one features Kim Tae Hee (Model & Actress):

This advert was from only a month or so ago and again features Kim Tae Hee but this time alongside Park Hae Jin (Actor):

This advert is a couple of years old and features Actor Kang Dong Won:


If you fancy a cheap cup of coffee with a nice creamy taste then you won’t be disappointed with French Cafe Coffee Mix. Have a nice day.

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