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Jirisan Bokbunjajoo  (지리산 복분자주) is a brand of Bokbunjajoo (also translated as bokbunjaju) which is basically Korean Raspberry Wine (복분자주). Bokbunjajoo has become more popular over the past few years thanks to production of cheaper brands. Previously Bokbunjajoo was only seen as a luxury purchase. However because of it’s sweet taste and lower alcohol content in comparison to Soju it has become very popular.  Either drunk whilst eating a meal or sightly after, Bokbunjajoo is seen as a more civilized drink and although like Soju it usually drank from a shot glass, it is meant to be enjoy rather than to get drunk on. It is a dark red / Burgundy color and has a similar thickness to red wine.

This brand of Bokbunjajoo is named after the mountain in the southern region of  in South Gyeongsang South Korea called Mount Jiri / Jirisan / 지리산. Jirisan is also the tallest mountain in mainland South Korea at 1915 meters above sea level. This brand is quite new and a little difficult to come by in most small marts, however it is appearing in more and more major supermarkets. It is also almost half the price of the market leader from Bohae and tastes almost the same.


Flavor / Main Ingredient: Raspberry.

Alcoholic Content: 14%

Price: ₩1700-5500 (mart / supermarket) or ₩6,o00-8,000 (Bar / Restaurant). The RRP is ₩4,500 however most places have it on sale.

Bottle Size: 360ml


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Jirisan Bokbunjajoo Korean Raspberry Wine 2

Jirisan Bokbunjajoo Korean Raspberry Wine 1

Label / Advertisements:

Here is a close up of the Jirisan Bokbunjajoo bottles Label.

Jirisan Bokbunjajoo Label

This is the only advertisiment I can find for Jirisan Bokbunjajoo here it is plus a link to a supplier http://www.yeonsudang.com/goods/goodsView.php?goodsCat=3&pIdx=13 (Korean)

Jirisan Bokbunjajoo Ad


Jirisan Bokbunjajoo is a very sweet and enjoyable drink and it well worth the money, the bottle is very pretty and worthwhile keeping (it makes a great vase). It should be taking into consideration that Jirisan Bokbunjajoo doesn’t taste like its 14% label and before you know it you can be quite drunk, so as with any alcoholic drink you should drink responsibly.

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