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Aladin (알라딘) is a chain of used bookstores which can be found in Seoul as well as a few other selected locations around South Korea. The store which we visited is in the Jongno (종로) area of Seoul which is close to Insadong, many of the famous palaces, City Hall and more. Firstly we’d like to point out that Aladin (알라딘) is a Korean used book store and although it has an English language section, 95% of the books are in Korean. However it is a great place to pick up a bargain Manhwa (만화 / Korean Comic Book), Easy to understand Korean Kids book and/or a cheap used English novel.

The Bookstore Inside & Outside

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Aladin Bookstore Jongno Seoul Outside 1

Aladin Bookstore Jongno Seoul Inside 1

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The Books

Aladin Used Korean Books 1

Aladin Used Korean Books 2

Recently we’ve visited Aladin (알라딘) twice and these are the 8 gems that we purchased. These books illustrate more what we were looking for and like rather than what Aladin (알라딘) has on offer. Basically imagine a regular Korean bookstore (for example Kyobo) and that is was they have. We have included the ISBN number, RRP as well as a link to an online Korean bookstore if you wish to purchase a new copy of any of the books listed.

Dr Koto Book - Aladin

Dr Koto (Dr.코토 진료소) part 12 a Korean story / comic book (Manhwa / 만화). (ISBN: 89-528-7396-3)
RRP: ₩3,800 / Kyobo New Price: ₩3,420 (Link)
Aladin Price: ₩1,000

Japan Easy Book - Aladin

Japan Easy (재팬이지 Japan Easy) a Japanese Language Study Book for Koreans. (ISBN: 8962812347)
RRP: ₩16,000 / Kyobo New Price: ₩14,400 (Link)
Aladin Price: ₩5,800

Bogyourob Sinhwa Book - Aladin

Bogyourob Sinhwa (북유럽 신화. 8(문고본)) part 8 a Korean story / comic book (Manhwa / 만화). (ISBN: 9788979198294)
RRP: ₩4,800 / Kyobo New Price: ₩3,820 (Link)
Aladin Price: ₩1,000

Chonjamon Samgugji 2 - Aladin

Chonjamon Samgugji (천자문 삼국지 2) part 2 a Korean comic book (Manhwa / 만화). (ISBN: 8991121098)
RRP: ₩8,500 / Kyobo New Price: ₩5,530 (Link)
Aladin Price: ₩1,000

Hangul Immediate Learning Book - Aladin

Hangul Immediate Learning (한글 바로 익히기) part 1 a Korean Language Reading Study Book. (ISBN: 8975674312)
RRP: ₩6,000 / Kyobo New Price: ₩5,100 (Link)
Aladin Price: ₩2,400

Korean Our Science Book - Aladin

Korean Traditional Science (오천년 우리과학) a Korean history book, for kids. (ISBN: 8953302684)
RRP: ₩7,000 / Kyobo New Price: ₩4,900 (Link)
Aladin Price: ₩2,700

Anuki Book - Aladin

Anuki (아누키 1) part 1 a Korean story / comic book (Manhwa / 만화). (ISBN: 8990019478)
RRP: ₩3,000 / Kyobo New Price: ₩2,700 (Link)
Aladin Price: ₩1,000

Samgukgi Book - Aladin

Samgukgi (대삼국지) a Korean novel. (ISBN: 9788949704647)
RRP: ₩6,900 / Kyobo New Price: ₩5,870 (Link)
Aladin Price: ₩2,500

Aladin Price Barcodes

On the book Aladin barcode they include both the RRP as well as the Aladin price.

Aladin Price Barcodes 1

Aladin Price Barcodes 2

Worthwhile Noting

  • Although many books are cheap there are many that are still pretty expensive, the price depends on the RRP, condition, supply and demand.
  • They also sell DVDs and CDs.
  • You can sell your old books, DVDs and CDs for cash, however you may only get a small amount compered to what you paid. For example if you paid $10 for a book Aladin (알라딘) may only pay $1 to $2 for it.
  • Whilst a book might look cheap many are a few years old and therefore it may the same price new in another store or online.
  • The different stores are different sizes and the supply of books depend on the people selling. So the books in one store may not be the same in an other.
  • The store in English is spelled Aladin and not Aladdin, you can only guess for Disney copyright reasons.

Location & Links

Here is a map of the Jongno Branch location, basically it is down the road from Jongno 3ga Subway Station as well as being close to Insadong.

Aladin Jongno Map

* Naver Maps Information Page – Jongno Branch (Korean)

* Official Home Page – Jongno Branch / Overall Home Page (Both Korean)

* JoongAng Daily Article from 2012 (English)

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If you see an Aladin store it is we worth taking a look. If you have any questions and/or comments please let us know.

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