Starbucks Coffee Insadong Seoul Korean Sign

The Insadong area in Seoul is seen as being a very traditional and cultural area and so many things normally written in English are translated into Korean or the Korean is forefront whilst the English is more backgrond. In this Photo Friday post we have 스타벅스 커피 (Starbucks Coffee) in Insadong. In South Korea there are 100s of Starbucks and nearly all have the Starbucks sign written in English, however in traditional Insadong the sign is written in Korean (Hangul).

The strange thing is that there is another Starbucks Coffee Shop less than 5minutes walk down the road (near Cheonggyecheon), and the sign is written in English. In all there are more than 10 Starbucks in this small area.


Here is the Google Maps location of this particular Starbucks Coffee. Also if you search Google Maps for “스타벅스” the map of Seoul will light up like a Christmas Tree:

Have a nice Friday and an enjoyable weekend.

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