Makkoli Pot and Cup 3

As you may know already we love Makkoli (Makgeolli) and having a cool glass is something that we all enjoy. But something was missing to really add to the experience and make it a more social situation. There we decided to trade up from the plain white (sometimes green) bottle and to a traditional Brass Makkoli pot along with some Makkoli Cups.

Firstly the Brass Makkoli Pot; after checking both Diaso and Homeplus without luck for one we traveled to Bupyeong market in Incheon, as there are many homeware stores in this area. In the first store we found one but it was a little expensive so we went to shop around. This was a wise move as it the next place we found what we were looking for, and for the reasonable price of ₩7,000 (around $6).

Next the cups, this was a little easier as many place sell them. We found a small place sort of like a local verison of Diaso, and the cups where just ₩1000 each. You can also buy matching Brass cups for around the same price but these ceramic ones looked nicer.

Finally; we enjoyed a nice cup of Makkoli in a more traditional way and for just ₩9,000. 🙂


Brass Makkoli Pot

Brass Makkoli Pot - close

Makkoli Pot and Cups

Makkoli Pot and Cups 2

Brass Makkoli Pot - Made in Korea

The Makkoli Jug in Action / Use

A couple of pictures of us getting the most use out of brand new Makkoli jug:

Pouring Makkoli from a Jug

Makkoli and Jug

Links about Makkoli

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Here is a Arirang video about Makkoli:


Makkoli is one of our personal favorites and drinking it in a traditional way really adds to the enjoyment. Thank you for your interest and please feel free to leave questions or comments below.

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