Korean Bamboo Soju label 2

Bamboo Soju (대나무 통술) which translates simply as Bamboo Barrel Alcohol, other called it Bamboo Soju or Traditional Korean Bamboo Wine. However because of it’s bitter and slightly wine like taste and lower alcohol content in comparison to Soju it is becoming more and more popular. It is a pale yellow color and has a similar thickness to soju or vodka.

This brand of Bamboo Soju (대나무 통술)  is produced in Gangwon-do province in North Eastern South Korea by the company Joeunnal. It is available in many supermarkets as well as selected marts and restaurants, however personally we’ve only seen it a handful of times in our local mart. But when we do see it we normally buy it as it makes a nice change from Soju.


Flavor / Main Ingredient: Bamboo.

Alcoholic Content: 11%

Price: ₩1200-3000 (mart / supermarket) or ₩4,000-6,000 (Bar / Restaurant).

Bottle Size: 375ml


Firstly these pictures show the label, bottle top and the bottle which is designed to look like a Bamboo Stalk:

Korean Bamboo Soju bottle 1

Korean Bamboo Soju bottletop

Korean Bamboo Soju bottle 2

Korean Bamboo Soju label 1

Secondly these pictures show the Bamboo Soju in all of its glory:

Korean Bamboo Soju shot

Korean Bamboo Soju 2


Bamboo Soju is an interesting drink which tastes a little bitter with a slight kick, overall it is enjoyable and a nice change compared regular Soju. Overall it is well worth the money, and worth trying if you see it. the bottle (like the Jirisan Bokbunjajoo) is unique and makes a nice collectable.

One interesting fact about Bamboo is that a Bamboo stalk can grow upto 10cm per day! Making one of the fastest growing plants on the planet.

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Thank you and please drink responsibly.

Modern Seoul