Gyeyang Mountain Sign

Gyeyang Mountain (also called MT. Gyeyang, Mount Gyeyang, Gyeyang San or 계양산) is located in northern Incheon in the Gyesan-dong area of Gyeyang-gu. It stands 395m above sea level and is officially Incheon’s highest mountain. It is a very popular hiking trial and not just with people people from the Incheon & Seoul areas but people from all over South Korea enjoy climbing it.

The Mountain is a pretty easy climb and depending on which trail you take only takes about an hour to reach the summit (2 hours round trip), while other trails can take close to 2 hours (4 hours round trip). There are nice views over Incheon and as well as the more countryside area of northern Incheon.

After climbing the Gyesan-dong and neighboring Imhak-dong have plenty of restaurants to enjoy (although most are Korean style) as well as hiking and regular stores.


A View of Gyeyang Mountain taken from close to Gyesan Station, Incheon.

Gyeyang Mountain Incheon

Here are a few pictures taken whilst hiking Gyeyang Mountain (계양산) this past October.

Gyeyang Mountain hiking

Gyeyang Mountain View

Gyeyang Moutain View 2

Gyeyang Mountain Tree

Gyeyang Moutain Temple

Location and Links

The best and easiest way to get to Gyeyang Mountain (계양산) is via subway. If you go to Gyesan Station (Incheon Line One) and then take either exit a or b and walk up the hill and to the foot of the mountain. Here is a Googlemaps link so you can plan your trip:

Also here are a couple of useful links about Gyeyang Mountain (계양산):

* Office of Gyeyang-Gu Page – Includes information on hiking trails as well as travel advice in English

* Taylor’s Travels Blog – A nice story about climbing Gyeyang Mountain.


Hiking in South Korea is possible during the winter months but difficult, the best times to hiking Gyeyang Mountain (계양산) or any other in Korea is from March to November.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below.

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