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Coffee loved the world over, so a bargain like 1 + 1 or Buy one get one free is always interesting. Coffee in South Korea is big business from the big chain coffee shops, to small places like The Olle and finally the instant coffee you can enjoy at home.


1 + 1 Coffee The Olle Insadong Seoul Menu

As you can see on this menu they currently (Spring 2013) offer 3 1 + 1 selections; Americano (Black Coffee) and Caffe Latte (Coffee with Milk) either hot or iced and both are made with fair trade coffee. Also a Yogurt Smoothie. The price of the cheapest item the Americano is just ₩2,900 which works out at ₩1,450 per Coffee; which is pretty cheap for the area.

The Olle also sales a range of other Coffees (not 1 + 1) as well as Teas, Smoothies and Sodas.


1 + 1 Coffee The Olle Insadong Seoul

1 + 1 Coffee The Olle Insadong Seoul Outside

The Olle Coffee Shop is in the Insadong area of Seoul, which is in the North of the city. It is between a Bubble Tea Cafe and a Money Exchange shop, it is also next to where many of the tour buses park next to Tapgol Park (탑골 공원). The closest Subway station is Jonggak (Line One). Here is a rough map, if you want to call them their number is 010-7721-7650.


If you have any recommendations for cheap or interesting Coffee places in Seoul (or neighboring cities) please let us know.
Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy your 1 + 1 coffee.

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