This is a quick and simple guide to making the perfect  Hot 6ix Soju Mixer / Cocktail which is basically the Korean version of a Vodka Red Bull. For those who don’t know Hot 6ix is a popular energy drink here in South Korea and has a similar taste and content to Red Bull. Whilst Soju is a clear alcoholic beverage similar to vodka but only 20% alcohol. This is a sweet and tasty drink with a little kick.

Another benefit is cost, at a look mart a can of Hot 6ix costs around ₩1000 and a bottle of Soju is the same. So one glass of Hot 6ix Soju will only cost around ₩1,200, Nice!

You Will Need

  • One Can of Hot 6ix / Hot Six (you could also use Red Bull, Coca Cola Burn or any other energy drink)
  • One or 2 Shots of Soju (you could also use Vodka or similar)
  • One Glass or Cup
  • One Shot Glass

How the make a Hot 6ix Soju Mixer / Cocktail

Modern Seoul Hot 6ix Soju Mixer Cocktail

Here is the step by step process of making a Hot 6ix Soju Mixer / Cocktail:

  1. Pour out a shot of soju
  2. Pour out a second shot of soju *Optional*
  3. Pour shots into the glass
  4. Add the Hot 6ix
  5. Enjoy


Hot 6ix Soju

Hot 6ix Soju Shot Glass

Hot 6ix Soju Shot Glass Far

Hot 6ix Soju Mixer Cocktail

Full Advert & Commercial Videos

During the Hot 6ix Soju Mixer / Cocktail video there were 2 clips from Korean commercials here are the full videos:

Video 2:


This is an alcoholic beverage and therefore please drink responsibility.

If you have any suggestions or requests for future mixers, cocktails or non-alcoholic drinks just let us know. Thank you and see you again soon.

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