10 good Reasons to become a teacher in South Korea

Recently we posted about the negative or bad reasons for becoming a teacher in South Korea and why if that is your main reason your decision might not work out (Link Here: 10 Reasons Not to Become a teacher is South Korea). We admit that everyone has a different reason and experience both for coming too and during their time in South Korea. However to generalise and maybe look at the worst cases we choose those reasons. However this post is the flip side of the situation and these reasons are the good or positive reasons to come.

Often in an interview or just when talking with friends you’re asked these questions “Why Korea, Why Teaching, Why?” It’s of course different for everyone, but with the benefit of hindsight was that a good reason to leave everything you know and start on your Korean adventure? Here are our 10 good reasons to become an English Teacher in South Korea.

The 10 Good Reasons

Here is our list in no particular order:

1. Want to be a teacher

This one is obvious; if your dream is to become a teacher or better yet an ESL teacher then this is a good reason to come to Korea. South Korea is never a sure thing when it comes to ESL jobs but on the whole it is still the best place to start your ESL journey.

2. Enjoy Working with Kids

Most ESL jobs in South Korea are teaching Kids and most of them are aged between 5 and 12 years old. So if you can’t stand or don’t enjoy even the sight of kids, this job may not be for you. There are adult teaching roles but they are limited, and can have bad split shift hours.

3. Looking for Adventure

The change from living in a westernized country and then moving all the way to South Korea is a big step, and an adventure. Although we stand by our previous list and comments, sometimes just taking a risk and trying an adventure like this can work out for the best and become the best decision you’ve ever made.

4. Enjoy a challenge

As we pointed out in the negative 10 list working in South Korea is not easy, but it can become easier in time if you work hard and focus on the job at hand. So therefore if you enjoy a challenge maybe this is a good path for you.

5. Want a less pressured job

If you compere a competitive and stressful sales or rat race type job to being an ESL teacher. An ESL teacher is a less pressured job where if you work hard and do want you need to do you’ll find yourself happy and safe (job wise). Whilst in a sales job you can work super hard and still fail.

6. To avoid temptation

Many people have vices which can be hard to break from and we’re not saying that Korea could be the answer to solving all of your problems however sometimes getting away from and avoiding the temptation can help with the problem.

7. To Try Something New

This point is similar to a few of the others but can be seen a little differently. A unique and original experience these days is uncommon and therefore having this opportunity and going in open-minded could be a life changing decision.

8. To build communication skills

Many native English speakers take communication for granted, everyone speaks English and even tourists and expats speak English. But in South Korea that isn’t always the case, and so you have the opportunity to develop strong communication skills without the use of English or any other language.

9. Rebirth

Sadly in life sometimes things work against you or just don’t work out. Although moving to South Korea shouldn’t be taken as an answer to all of life’s problems, it can provide a chance to start again. You can make new friends, settle in a new location and in the future maybe make a new family.

10. Because the Opportunity may not come again

This one reason is commonly given; most people in the world have some sort of dependent. It could be family, debts, pets or social commitments. But being in a situation where you can easily leave and start a new life is a small window of opportunity. If you try something and fail at least you can say you tried.

In conclusion

If you’re still interested here is our guide to becoming an English Teacher in South Korea including E2 Visa Requirements.

Moving to South Korea is a big decision one that can change your life for the better. We know that our previous post was negative but this post shows that there are some great reasons why a life in South Korea and becoming an English ESL teacher is a good choice.

If you have any thoughts, comments, agree or disagree yet us know. Once again these reasons are not aimed at anyone or based directly about any school.

Thank you

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