Seollal Korean Lunar New Year Events 2013

Seollal (설날) or Korean Lunar New Year is traditionally a family holiday where most Korean travel back to there home towns and cities to visit their relatives. However for many Koreans as well as Expats and visitors in South Korea that isn’t an option. So we’ve tried to make a list of different events and activities going on this weekend.

Of course a number of activities (ski trips etc) have already started, however they are run by tour companies who don’t really need the free publicity. It should also be noted that many shops, restaurants and even market will be closed at least on Sunday and/or Monday. Try and check in advance before traveling.

Here are the events going on in and around Seoul for Seollal (설날) or Korean Lunar New Year 2013 (will be updated over the weekend):


  • Festivities at the Namsangol Hanok Village @ Namsangol Park, Jung-gu. Saturday to Monday 11am to 5pm (Free) – Visit Seoul Link
  • Lunar New Year Celebrations @ National Gugak Center, Seocho-gu. Sunday & Monday 4pm start (₩10,000) – Visit Korea Link
  • Bass Attack @ The Cake Shop, Itaewon. On Saturday 10pm until late (₩10,000 Entry before 12 ₩20,000 after + 1 Free Drink) – Facebook Link
  • Mardi Gras Party 2013! With Unlimited Brazilian Steak & Beer @ Gangnam Near Seoul National University of Education station, Saturday (₩50,000) – Facebook Link
  • Valentine’s Fundraiser for Shelter Animals @ Outside of Gekco’s, Itaewon. Saturday from 8.30pm – Facebook Link
  • Animal Dads/Bedroom States/Slow Dance/Stay Dead @ Powwow, Itaewon. On Sunday 8pm until late (₩5,000 + Free CD) – Facebook Link
  • Seoul Samsung Thunders vs. Incheon ET Elephants (Korean Basketball League) @ The Jamsil Arena. On Monday 2pm (from ₩8,000) – Thunders Website (Korean)


  • The Saturday Special @ The Big Chill. On Saturday 8.15pm until late (Free Entry) – Facebook Link
  • Korean Lunar New Year’s Night @ The Big Chill. On Sunday 8pm until late (Free Entry) – Facebook Link
  • Sam Ryan’s Sunday (Brunch, live sports, beer pong, 6 Nations) @ Sam Ryan’s, Near Suwon Station. Sunday from 12 until late (Free) – Facebook Page


  • Fancy Beer Saturday @ Liquor Burger, Yeonsu, Incheon. On Saturday 8.30pm until late (Free Entry) – Facebook Page
  • Cheap Shots Bar, Shelter, Woodstock’s and Other bars all OPEN Saturday Night at least. Event details coming soon.


If you know of any other events please let us know and we’ll list them here. Sorry we don’t know of a huge amount of events going on this holiday weekend.

Thank you and have an enjoyable and fun Seollal (설날).

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