For this weeks KPOP Song of the Week we’ve chosen “On and On” (다칠 준비가 돼 있어) by Vixx (빅스). Although this song was released a few week ago we thought that it deserved the joy of being our KPOP Song of the Week. We have a few good reasons for choosing “On and On” for our song of the week.

  • Firstly the video is well produced and although a little KPOP boy band sterotypical in the hero styling, the twist of a slightly demon anti-hero edge allows it to stand out.
  • Secondly the chorus and song as a whole is catchy and easy to follow. You could quite easily learn (memorize) it after listening just a few times.
  • Finally it honest, it doesn’t try and be something false or fake it’s simply a cheesy, bubblegum pop KPOP boy band  tune. Many people will disagree that this is a good thing but with so many bands trying to be something new why not just stay simple?
  • On the negative side, the dance could be easily described as a camp version of Michael Jackson’s thriller, with the zombie style jazz hands.

VIXX - On and On 2

Who are VIXX

VIXX which we believe stands for Voice Visual Value in Excelsis are made up of 6 members; N (차학연), Leo (정택운), Ken (이재환), Ravi (김원식), Hong Bin (이홍빈) and Hyuk (한상혁). They range in age from the oldest N who is 22 to the youngest Hyuk who is just 17. The band is the product of Mnet’s reality show Myidol which broadcast in 2012. Their first two releases had some success but nothing standout, however this latest release has seen improved sales and reaction.

VIXX can be followed directly on twitter: @RealVIXX and each band member also have their own accounts:

VIXX - On and On

Other versions:

Subtitled, Translated and Romanized Version. This video is curiosity of LoveKPOPSubs11:

Live Version from KMusicLive on KBS2:


We hope you’ve enjoyed and agree with our choice for KPOP Song of the week. So many great new songs are being released at the moment, if you have any suggestions for next weekend, please let us know.

For last weeks KPOP Song of the Week “Gone Not Around Any Longer” by Sistar19 please click the link.

Have a great week.

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