PSY and Soju are two South Korean icons that took the world by storm last year. The number of views on PSYs Gangnam Style video has now passed 1 Billion and sales of Soju outside of South Korea has increased hugely. Within the video above you’ll notice only small references to the iconic dance from 2012, which maybe a good thing. Each of the 13 shots within the Video range in difficultly from Level 1 (easy) to Level 5 (close to impossible).

PSY Chamisul Soju Logo

PSY is joined in the videos by an unknown blonde haired girl, which shows that the video is aiming towards Western viewers not just Koreans. Gag Concerts Brownie also has a cameo. All the writing is in both English & Korean, which is another sign that the video is aimed at no only Koreans. Also the rumor is that PSY has been paid $3million for his Endorsement of Chamisul Soju over the next year, money well spent? ( Link)

Requirements / Drinking Game Printout

Here is the downloadable and printable PDF Drinking Game chart (also here in JPEG format). It has been listed in order of difficulty (same as in the video). Have fun but remember to drinking responsibly:

The PSY 13 Shot Drinking Challenge Free PDF Download

Drinking Game Chart

To complete the 13 shot challenges you will need the following items:

  • Soju (you could also use Vodka or even just Water)
  • Beer (again replaceable with cider, another drink or even Water)
  • Shot Glasses (at least 3)
  • Regular Glasses (at least 3)
  • Chopsticks (at least 2 sets)
  • A large beer bottle (needs to be able to support a regular glass on it’s bottom)

The 13 Shots

PSY 13 Soju Shots - Modern Seoul

Number 1 – 007 Shot

007 Shot

Simple, just point and then drink – Level 1

PSY 007

Number 2 – Respect Shot

Respect Shot

Depending who you are drinking with will determine how to drink. This shot also gives an nice insight into Korean drinking culture. – Level 1

Number 3 & 4 – Newbie Shot

Newbie Shot

Number 3 is a pick up and roll technique – Level 1 whilst Number 4 is a no hands technique – Level 2

Number 5 – Elbow Shot

Elbow Shot

Hold the shot glass with your elbow and drink this lonely shot. – Level 3
This shot also features Gag Concerts Brownie

Elbow Shot and Brownie

Number 6 – Liquor Courage Shot

Liquor Courage Shot

Now things are getting more difficult. Here you need to balance 3 shot glasses on top of each other but separated by chopsticks. Difficult but possible. – Level 3

Number 7 – Salute Shot

Salute Shot

Another balancing exercise, this time balanced over a glass of beer. Hit the table and hope the shot falls in. – Level 3

Number 8 – Torch Bearing Shot

Torch Bearing Shot

Drop a Shot into a glass of beer and then balance the shot on top of the bottom of a bottle of beer. Then drink in one shot. – Level 3

Number 9 – Chopsticks Shot

Chopsticks Shot

Simply pick up the shot using only chopsticks. A nice party trick to learn and master – Level 4

Number 10 – Domino Shot

Domino Shot

As the description states a fancy shot, line up at least three shots on top of beer glasses. Then flick a beer bottle top into the shot glasses – Level 4

Number 11 & 12 – Waterfall Shot

Waterfall Shot

Number 11 Waterfall is the challenge of drinking three shots of soju at the same time, without dropping any – Level 4
Number 12 Waterfall is the same but with Somek (a mixture of beer and Soju) using glasses not shots – Level 5

Number 13 – Show Off Shot

Show Off Shot

Finally the PSY show off shot, which means dancing around without dropping the shot – Level 5


We hope you had fun drinking Soju the PSY way, and if you have any comments or even suggestions of exciting / crazy Soju drinking styles please comment below. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

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