Korean Goat Meat Soup

In South Korea there are countless different soups and stews from the simple to the complex. Here we have Korean Goat Meat Soup or 염소탕 (Yam/So/Tang). This soup is not a regular sight in Korean cities however it’s popular in both rural areas and close to hiking / mountain trails. This soup has grow massively in popularity over the past 10 to 15 years due to the negative views and opinions on Dog Meat Soup which previously was a favorite in these areas. Although it should be know that the two soups are very different and only location links them.

The Soup

The main ingredients are  Goat Meat, Cabbage, Spinach, Mushrooms, Garlic and Bean Paste. It can range in price however it can easily be found for under ₩9,000 ($10) per bowl. Most Korean adults enjoy it with either Soju or Beer. It is a little more expensive that other Korean soups but only by a couple of thousand won. The soup taste is similar to Gamjatang (Article Here) which has Pork rather than Goat Meat.

Korean Goat Meat Soup 1


Sadly the restaurant we went to closed a few weeks ago however if you see a sign similar to the one below you’ll be it the right place. Just look out for 염소탕 (Goat Meat Soup).

Korean Goat Meat Soup Restaurant


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