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The history of postage stamps dates back to 1840 when the Penny Black was first introduced in the UK, and has been widely used ever since. In recent times the development of Email, text messaging and printed envelopes has meant that postage stamps are more for decoration than necessity. Stamp collecting or Philately, is still a popular past time around the world and with eBay and other online sites trading and collecting has become a worldwide trade. I personally don’t collect stamps however I do enjoy vintage or retro things, so Vintage South Korean Stamps are pretty interesting (in my opinion).

In Korea the first postage stamps were issued in the 1890’s and South Korea as an independent nation first issued stamps in the mid 1940’s. Sets of vintage postage stamps are easily found in the Insadong area of Seoul and range in price, but generally are pretty cheap. The two sets we bought cost just ₩2,000 each so ₩4,000 for for both complete sets. More popular and valuable stamps cost more, but for a unique and interesting souvenir this is a nice idea (previously bought old banknotes LINK HERE). Picture of the sets are below.

Vintage South Korean Postage Stamp Sets

South Korean Postage Stamps Set 2

South Korean Postage Stamps Set 1

Current Postage Stamps

psy postage stamps 2013

PSY is the most recent person to feature on a set of postage stamps. A full collectors set of stamps and other goodies is available here: PoSTAR: Shop Link you can also buy the stamps from a handful of post offices in Seoul (you’d guess in Gangnam).

Regular Postage Stamps are still available from post offices around South Korea has well as selected supermarkets, banks and tourist locations.

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