McDonald’s in South Korea – Old Favorites and New Additions

mcdonalds logo

McDonald’s (맥도날드) has over 34,000 locations in over 118 countries worldwide and is maybe the worlds most popular fast food restaurant as well as being one of the worlds most recognizable brands. McDonald’s first opened a restaurant in South Korea in 1988, making South Korea the 48th country to have a McDonald’s. Beating both Russia and China.

In South Korea McDonald’s of course serve the Big Mac as well as Quarter Pounders, Bacon Cheese Burgers and a Breakfast Menu. However they don’t sell any fish products instead sell the Bulgogi Burger (as well as a double Bulgogi Burger). They also from time to time sell special burgers such as the current (Feb 2013) Taste of Australia range. Prices are cheap with a Big Mac set costing less than ₩5000 and ₩1000 coffees also available. It is also nice to have a tasty reminder of home and is easy to order (even without speaking Korean).
One more thing; some McDonald’s in South Korea offer a delivery service whilst others are open 24 hours.

Photos from McDonald’s in South Korea

Firstly here is the outside of a McDonald’s and part of the limited time only taste of Australia Menu:

McDonalds Korea Outside

McDonalds Korea Outside Logo

McDonalds Taste of Australia Menu

Secondly here are some McDonald’s burgers and sets that we’ve purchased recently:

McDonald's Korea Meal Sets
McDonald’s Korea Meal Sets
McDonald's Korea Sets (again)
McDonald’s Korea Sets (again)
McDonald's Korea Big Mac Set
McDonald’s Korea Big Mac Set
McDonald's Korea Australian BBQ Burger
McDonald’s Korea Australian BBQ Burger
McDonald's Korea Australian BBQ Burger (again)
McDonald’s Korea Australian BBQ Burger (again)
McDonald's Korea Bulgogi Burger
McDonald’s Korea Bulgogi Burger
McDonald's Korea Bulgogi Burger (again)
McDonald’s Korea Bulgogi Burger (again)

Here are a few from 2015:

McDonalds Korea 2015 cheeseburger bag McDonalds Korea 2015 cheeseburger McDonalds Korea 2015 set

More Information and Video

Firstly here is a video of a South Korean TV Advert (Commercial) for McDonald’s:

Secondly here are a few useful Links including McDonald’s menus and locations in South Korea:

Thank you for your time and we hope you enjoy your McDonald’s.

Modern Seoul
Modern Seoul Logo 2013 m


    • Thankfully not, beetroot doesn’t really belong on a burger IMO.
      It’s just a regular hamburger with tomatoes, lettuce, bacon and a special BBQ sauce. It’s pretty good, but the Big Mac is better:)
      The delivery service could be dangerous if it was available in certain places😉 agreed.

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