Deoksu Palace Guards 1

When you think of the changing of the guard you might automatically think of the Scots Guard outside Buckingham Palace in London. However a similar but more tourist focused sight can be found in Seoul.

We happened to stumble upon this rather than planing specially to see it as we were in the area. Basically just outside the main gate (entrance) of Deoksu Palace as known as Deoksugung there were some classically dressed guards as well as a traditional matching band (of sorts), some of them where playing giant seashells (pictures below). They made a few announcements about protecting the King as well as a few other historical references.

A Few Photos

Deoksu Palace Guards Band 1

Deoksu Palace Guards Band

Deoksu Palace Drum

Deoksu Palace Changing of the guard

Deoksu Palace Guards Changing


Deoksu Palace can be found right outside City Hall Station in Seoul (either Green Line 2 or Dark Blue Line 1). For more information please look at our previous post – Deoksu Palace – Where Modern and Traditional Seoul Meet

After they finished they lined up and tourists where allowed to take photos (for free) with them. A similar type of thing often happens at nearby __ palace as well as at the Korean Folk Village in Yongin and at Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon.

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