This is our 3rd top 10 list of Android Applications & Games that we both and fine useful when living (or just visiting) so South Korea. It can also be said that many (maybe all) are great wherever in the world you are. Most smart phones in South Korea use the Android operating system and therefore there are literally 1,000s of apps and games available for android devices in South Korea.

Before we start there are a few rules we’ve made for the list:

  • All downloads have to by free to download and use
  • All downloads have to be available to download in South Korea
  • They cannot have featured in either of our previous lists (Top 10 Free Android Applications May 2012 or November Top 10 Free Android Applications)
  • Therefore the following games and applications will not be in the new list; Bong Sun Season 2, Instant Buttons, Naver Maps, Instagram, Order Up, Baseball Superstars 2012, Google Translate, Jihachul (Subway), Angry Birds Star Wars, Kakao Talk, Airport City, Yut Nori World Biographies, Sudoku II, Angry Birds Space or Seoul Subway.

So here are our new top 10 free must download Applications and Games with Google play links, just click on the DOWNLOAD LINK;

10) GenieTalk (지니톡)

Genie Talk


This application is basically a Korean translator, you either speak into it in Korean or English and the software translates your words. However this application is not perfect and sadly needs an update badly. Without the bugs it would have been much much higher up the list. Still a useful app.

9) Fishing Superstars

Fishing Superstars


This game is not just for fishing lovers it is simple and detailed. The only downside it that it gets a little repetitive at times, it is a little more than fishing but not much more. Still worth a try, also there are a number of other games in this series including baseball and soccer.

8) Words with Friends

Words with Friends - Free


This game is already very popular all over the world with well over 10million downloads, it is basically scrabble make a word with the letters you have combined with the letter already on the board. The downside is the lack of AI and the fact it’s turn based, leaving a reliance on the partner. Still a really fun game with friends.

7) World Weather Clock and Widget

World Weather Clock and Widget


This is a simple app that tells you the weather and time for numerous places around the world. It’s a great app for keeping up to date with the weather both at home and abroad.

6) SpeedCar

Speed Car Android


This is a fun and simple game, the only aim is get as far as you can without crashing. It’s basically a modern version of the classic ZX Spectrum game that I can’t remember the name of :(. But both are really fun.

5) Skype



This App is the same as it’s computer version and it much improved these days. Video Chat, Talk, Chat and Phone (not free). This is a great way of staying in contact with people and it’s free. All in South Korea (as mentioned before) getting a cell phone is not easy and with this app and a WiFi connection (basically every coffee shop) you can contact people.

4) Pudding Camera

Pudding Camera


This Application is a camera effects tool which gives you some really interesting, useful and fun photographic options. If you like to take pictures with your phone this application is well worth trying.

3) Twitter

Twitter App


If you use Twitter you just have to download this app, partly because the current Twitter mobile service is pretty bad but also because this app can expand your twitter enjoyment. With well over 100million downloads this is one of the most popular apps ever, and apart from being able to tweet, you can also edit photos and receive updates. To follow us on twitter @ModernSeoul 🙂

2) Pou



Here we have the Modern version of the tamagotchi and it’s strangely called Pou. Like a tamagotchi you need to feed, bath and play with your Pou. The more you do the more coins you’ll earn which you can spend on food, drinks, potions and customizations. It is crazy additive, and the 10 mini-games are all well made and fun. A real must have game.

1) Learn Korean Phrasebook

Learn Korean Phrasebook App


This is a great free application for practices and learning the very basics of Korean. This free version includes Greetings, Conversation, Numbers, Directions, Transport and Eating Out. It can really help if your trying to have a conversation with a non-English speaker or trying to do or find something. It’s had almost 1million downloads and it’s free :).


I hope you consider downloading some of these applications to enhance your life in South Korea and anywhere else worldwide. Also if there is anything you think should be added to this list please feel free to comment below.

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