Lunch at Bupyeong Station Food Court

If you’re traveling around using the subway network in the Seoul area it can make you hungry and although many big stations have some sort of restaurant or fast food place, it’s not the norm and most have just a small mart, a coffee shop and vending machines. However Bupyeong Station in Incheon is one of the bigger station and also houses a mall, Lotte Mart, Outback Steakhouse and even a driving range. But you’re going to look at one of the lunch options at the food court.


It’s a food court so there are a number of different venders selling food, mostly Korean but there is also Chinese, Fried Chicken and Fresh Fruit Juice. We decided on Korean food and found this little place right in the middle, operated by this friendly and smiling old lady.
*Please Note* The menu is in Korea and there are no pictures, we can read Korea but if you can’t at least learn how to say a Korean dish which you like.
The menu had all the Korean favorites, but it has a cheap set menu which features 3 different things all for less than ₩8000. The pictures below shows it better, but it included Kimbap (김밥), Mandu (만두), Donkatsu (돈까스) and Ddukbokki (떡볶이). The lady even ask if I wanted the Ddukbokki spicy or mild (in Korean). Also there were 7 different side dishes or Banchan (반찬). If you don’t know much about Korean food, or you have a friend new or just visiting Korea this type of menu is prefect has they can discover for a low price what thing they like and what they dislike. Personally we liked it all. We also ordered some Kimchi Soup (김치 찌개) as this set menu is designed for just one person.


Sorry about the quality I took these pictures using my camera phone:

Kimbap (김밥), Mandu (만두) & Donkatsu (돈까스)
Kimbap (김밥), Mandu (만두) & Donkatsu (돈까스)
Ddokbokki (떡볶이)
Banchan ()
Banchan (반찬)

Bupyeong Station Food Court BanChan


Bupyeong Station is on Seoul Subway Line 1 and on the Incheon Line, the station itself is right next to the heart of Bupyeong full of restaurants, shops, bars and countless coffee shops. Also nearby to Bupyeong Market. The food court is easy to find, if you are arriving from the subway head to the line 1 exits which lead into the underground shopping center. Then turn left and head up the escalators one floor towards Lotte Mart, continue straight on and you’ll find the food court. In Korean it’s 부평역 푸드 코트 (Bupyeong Yok Food Court)

In Closing

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and if you find yourself at Bupyeong Station and you’re hungry head to the food court, you won’t be disappointed. Thank you and have a nice day.

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