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Youtube has provided a place for millions of people to express there thoughts and feelings though Vlogs or Video based Blogs. Some are good and others are bad, some receive a huge following and millions of views, others go barely barely watched. Producing a quality vlog is hard painstaking work, as video editing is a real art, and as already mentioned with so many vlogs out there so being original and well produced is very important.

We have chosen just 5 vlogs about South Korea and Korean Culture to comprise our list. There wasn’t really any rules they just needed to be interesting, current and about Korea. Here is our list:

Our Top 5 VBlogs

#5 Michael Aronson

Michael Aronson

This vlog is run by Michael Aronson (or just 마익흘) an American former Korean language student who now lives in Seoul. The vlog is mainly famous for one song, “The Subway Song” a very funny yet information song about the Seoul subway system. However he has released a number of other interesting videos expressing comments on dating and Korean culture in general. Honestly some of the videos are pretty average whilst other are really good. Here are the links to everything Michael Aronson: Home Page: / Facebook: / Twitter: @hdefined / Youbtube:

#4 The Qiranger Adventures by Steve Miller

steve miller vlog

The Qiranger Adventures is a vlog presented and produced by Steve Miller a university professor in Seoul. The videos range in subject from travel, to culture, to food and drink and more. One of the best things however is the run time, most of the videos are 5minutes or less. They are no overproduced but are well presented. Another advantage is that they are regular, at less a couple a week so you’re not leave waiting weeks if not months until the next posting. Here are the key links: Home Page: / Facebook: / Twitter: @qiranger / Youtube:

#3 Goldilocks in Korea by Chelsea

Chelsea Speak3 Korea

In a little over a year Chelsea’s videos have generated around 700,000 views, which may not seem like much compared to the likes of Fred and Smosh but when considering it all about her own experiences and about life in Korea it’s very impressive. The vlog is produced by Chelsea an American born public school teacher working in Anyang, the videos are well planned and presented. This could easily become a leading Korean life vlog in the future. All the links: WordPress: / Facebook: / Twitter: @chelseaspeak3 / Youtube:

#2 Sweet and Tasty by Professor Oh & Friends

Professor Oh Vlog

Sweet and Tasty is a vlog run by Professor Oh (and friends). With over 70,000 subscribers and over 6,000,000 views these vlog has developed a lot from it’s early days providing Korean language Lessons. Although Korean is still features the vlog has moved onto a number of different topics including Culture, Music and Food. This vlog now features 4 different characters, some funny and original other less so. It is a good way of learning a little about Korean culture from a Korean. The only downside is it based from LA and not directly in Korea. All the links: Home Page: / Facebook: / Twitter: @SweetAndTastyTV / Youtube:

#1 Eat Your Kimchi by Simon and Martina

Eat your Kimchi Simon Martina

It’s not surprising that these guys have topped our list, their vlog and website are super popular. Although their focus is partly on KPOP, the cultural side is a great resource of information on some many areas of Korean Life, Korean Culture, Food and experiences being an ESL teacher. The reasons why they become so successful is in our opinion is twofold, firstly they’re personable yet professional which allows the view to develop a scene of attachment. Secondly their video are well planned and produced, apart from their webcasts the videos are normally around 10minutes long so you don’t get bored. Here is a recent video as well as links to their various online homes:
Home Page: / Facebook: / Twitter: @eatyourkimchi / Youtube:

In Conclusion

Do you remember this, SMOSH’s Pokemon which is a great example of how a fun home made Youtube video can lead to a career:

Do we miss any? Disagree with our top 5 order? Let us know either by commenting below or via Twitter / Facebook (spam will be deleted). Thank you and have a nice day 🙂

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