Gashi Ogapi Liquor - Siberian Ginseng Soju label

Gashi Ogapi Liquor (가시오가피술) which we’ve named “Siberian Ginseng Soju”, is a liquor made mainly with Eleutherococcus senticosus (also known as Siberian Ginseng). Unlike Ginseng it is a woody tree or shrub, and not a root. In the past it’s been advertised as Ginseng however these days it’s normal called by it’s scientific name. The liquor itself as a ginseng like smell and taste, but no Ginseng price tag. This liquor is quite a niche product but this is mainly due to it’s limited availability.

Gashi Ogapi Details

FlavorEleutherococcus senticosus (also known as Siberian Ginseng)Proof – 11%
Size – 375ml
Price – from ₩1500
Availability – Selected local marts and supermarkets in South Korea (mainly Seoul & Incheon areas)
Korean – 가시오가피술 (Ga/Si/Oh/Ga/Pi/Sul)


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Gashi Ogapi Liquor - Siberian Ginseng Soju

Gashi Ogapi Liquor - Siberian Ginseng Soju 1

Gashi Ogapi Liquor - Siberian Ginseng Soju 2

Gashi Ogapi Liquor - Siberian Ginseng Soju label


As you would expect Gashi Ogapi has a Ginseng like taste and aroma. It’s only 11% which means that unlike soju it’s taste isn’t too harsh. If you don’t know Ginseng it’s smell and taste it quite earthy and a little herbal, in Korea many people like Ginseng both for it’s taste but also it’s heath benefits. The taste of Gashi Ogapi is interesting and if you like Ginseng then you’ll like it, of course if you don’t like Ginseng it’s best to avoid.


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