SHINee’s Back…For this weeks KPOP Song of the Week we’ve chosen “Dream Girl” by SHINee (샤이니). This song was officially released on the 19th of February on YouTube and so far it has amassed more than 2.8million views. Here are our reasons for choosing “Dream Girl” for our song of the week:

  • Firstly the song is catchy and memorable, it’s the sort of track you can listen to a number of times a still enjoy. (Apart from singing alone whilst walking down the street.)
  • Secondly the video is although similar to many other SM entertainment videos in set design has this cool 80’s theme which is pretty retro.
  • Finally the song flows and the videos message matches well with the song.
  • On the negative side, There are these lines which appear on near either the bottom or the top. They look like the lines you’d see on a VHS tape or a buffering video, doesn’t really add to the video it’s just annoying and distracting.

SHINee Dream Girl 80s

Who are SHINee

SHINee Dream Girl

SHINee (샤이니) where formed by SM Entertainment back in 2008 and released their first single Reply in May 2008. In the past almost 5 years they have released 3 studio albums and 17 singles. In 2011 they also started to release both singles and albums in Japanese. They have been on numberous tours and won countless awards.
There are 5 members that make up SHINee, they are from oldest to youngest; Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho & Taemin.
Their official Facebook Page is:

SHINee Dream Girl cover

Other versions:

Here is a version with English Subtitled lyrics (released by ASIANMUSIKPOP7):

This is a live version which was performed on KBS2 Music Bank:


We hope you’ve enjoyed and agree with our choice for KPOP Song of the week. So many great new songs are being released at the moment, if you have any suggestions for next weekend, please let us know.

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Have a great week.

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