living in IncheonIncheon is a great city both to live in or visit. With many things to do, places to see, bars to drink at and social events to get involved in. Incheon is a city which has a lot to offer.

About Incheon South Korea

Incheon South Korea MapIncheon is a city located in the North West of South Korea. It is neighbored by Bucheon and Seoul to the East, Ansan to the South and Goyang to the North. It has a population of around 2.8 million people, which makes it the 3rd biggest city in South Korea behind Seoul & Busan & just ahead of Daegu. Incheon has a rich history and also boosts some interesting cultural sights. It is also home to the international airport of the same name.
Incheon is a large city district which spreads almost to the Korean boarder (DMZ). It is made up of 8 districts (gu) which are Bupyeong, Dong, Gyeyang, Jung, Nam, Namdong, Seo and Yeonsu. Also Incheon as 2 counties which are Ganghwa (large rural area to the north) and Ongjin (most of the small islands off the coast)

Places to Go in Incheon

China Town; the only official China Town in the whole of South Korea is located in Western Incheon close to the port. It is home to numerous Chinese shops, restaurants along with a couple of museums. More information here. The famous statue of Artur MacArthur can be seen in Jayu Park, which is close to China Town.

Welcome to Incheon China Town

Incheon Grand Park; a large park located just south of Bucheon and East of Incheon City Hall. This park has a number of interesting things to do but it’s mainly just an relaxing place to visit. More information can be seen in this Eat Your Kimchi Video:

There are also numerous other small parks to enjoy, for example Imhak Park in Gyeyang-gu, More Information Here.

The Beach; Incheon is a port city and although there are no beach connected to the main city. However on the airport island and other neighboring islands there are a number of nice beaches. Eurwangni Beach (을왕리) is maybe the most popular, more information here.

Eurwangni Beach Incheon South Korea

Sinpo Market; Although just a small market in Western Incheon, this market is home to some famous fried chicken. More information here.

Sinpo International Market - Incheon South Korea

Incheon Fish Market; Incheon is one of the biggest ports in South Korea and therefore tones of fish passes though everyday. More Information Here. *Warning* The fish market is difficult to get to via public transport.

Wolmido Island; this is a small island in downtown Incheon close to the Incheon Station and Chinatown. It’s famous for seafood, a small amusement park, hiking and the coastline. More Information Here

Wolmido Island Incheon seafront

Muuido Island; this island is located just of the main Incheon Airport and requires a very short ferry ride to reach. It’s famous for its Beach Huts, Clean Sand and Zip-line. More Information Here

Muuido Island Incheon Hanagae Beach Korea

Gangwha Island; this large island just north of Incheon provides a more relax and rural way of life with beaches, hiking and more. More Information Here

Dongmak Beach Ganghwa-do Sand

Things to Do in Incheon


Watch Incheon United (Football / Soccer), currently playing in the K League Classic (the top division of Korean Football). They finished toward the bottom of the table in 2016, and the season runs from March to November. More information can be found here

Incheon United 2013

Watch Incheon SK Wyverns (Baseball), they finished a close 2nd during the 2012 season and their games are always well attended. Tickets are cheap and the beers are cold, the season runs from April to October. *tip* for weekend games book in advance or arrive at the game early. More information can be found Here and Panoramic Pictures of the Munhak Stadium Here.

SK Wyverns

Also; Watch Incheon ET Elephants (Basketball) or Watch Korean Air Jumbos or Incheon Pink Spiders (Both Volleyball). Click on the links for more information (sorry the volleyball teams information is in Korean)

Incheon ET Land Elephants Basketball

2017 Update: A few more Incheon based sports teams; Daemyung Killer Whales (Ice Hockey), Incheon Hyundai Steel Red Angels (Women’s Football / WK-League) and Incheon Shinhan Bank S-Birds (Women’s Basketball).

Daemyung Killer Whales Incheon South Korea Ice Hockey Badge

Incheon hosted the 2014 Asian Games with events taking place in venues all around the city. The venues do host other events throughout the year. More Information Here

Incheon 2014 Asian Games Logo

Shopping, Hiking and Other Things to Do in Incheon:

Hiking Gyeyang Mountain; Gyeyang Mountain or 계양산 is the tallest peak in Incheon and is located in the north of the city close to Gyesan Station. More Information Here

Gyeyang Mountain Incheon

Shopping in Bupyeong; there are two big and interesting markets in Bupyeong. Firstly there is the underground shopping center which is linked to the subway station, here you can find mainly clothes but also stores focusing on health and beauty. Secondly you have Bupyeong Market which is just East of the station sporting the same name, this is a more working class and everyday life market with basically everything on sell.
There’s also Gyesan Market & Byeongbang Market both similar, smaller than Bupyeong Market but still interesting.

Gyesan Market, Incheon - Vegetables

Songdo Central Park & Shopping; Songdo is an international city built on reclaimed land just South of Incheon and has great links to the Airport as well as of the rest of the city. The main highlights are it’s beautiful Central Park (More Information Here) as well as it’s Shopping options including the NC Cube Mall (More Information Here).

Songdo Central Park and Lake Incheon Apartments

Cheongna Central Lake Park & Canal Way; Cheongna similarly to Songdo is a new international city in Incheon, it has a large lake / park just past the central area as well as a canal which flows across the whole of Cheongna. More Information Here

Cheongna Canal Park Incheon seating

Island Hopping; There are a number of small islands just off the coast of Incheon. The most famous after the airport island is Sindo Island which was the location for the filming of the Korean Drama Full House or the most hipster/party island of Muuido. More information here.

back of a ferry in Jeju

These things are pretty specific to Incheon however similar things are available in other South Korea cities. Also yes some of the things to see and some of the things to do are a little interchangeable.

Western Bars

The Bridge Craft Beer Pub Incheon Stout IPA

Incheon is a large city of around 2million people of which there are many expats. Therefore there are a number of Western Bars to enjoy, here are just a few (directions available via the links):

CLOSED 2017 Cheap Shots (Bupyeong) Events, Live Sports and great food, a traditional Western Style bar – Facebook Group Page

Woodstock’s / Little Woodstock (Bupyeong) – A small yet cozy which has a small outside seating area, as it’s a ground floor bar. Facebook Page

Liquor Burger (Yeonsu) – This bar as the name suggests has some great Burgers and foods, but also running events such as a weekly quiz and darts league.  Facebook Group Page

O’Malley’s Irish Pub (City Hall) – A nice Irish pub which serves a range of more European style foods. Also holds events Facebook Page

Taco Cielo (City Hall) – This is a mexican bar/restaurant which is next door to O’Malley’s – Website

Cider Bar (Songdo) – The main hangout in the modern area of Songdo. Expat Run and a great place for drinks, food and live music. – Facebook Page

Sadly Now Closed 😦 The Bridge Pub (Cheongna, Seo-gu) – A foreign run Craft Beer pub located right next to the canal in the heart of this new international city – Facebook Page

more will be added as and when suggested or found.

Top Social Links

Most of the bar pages (above) are good sources for events and social events in Incheon but here are some more:

facebook long logo

Incheon English Teachers on Facebook

Couchsurfing Incheon Page

Waygook Incheon Page

Incheon Saturday Football

Incheon Flea Market on Facebook (if you’re looking to buy or sell)

Cheongna & Seo-gu Expats Facebook Group (North Incheon and New International City)

Yeonsu Facebook Group (South Incheon, a little before Songdo)


Here are details and directions to the Incheon Immigration Office.

And the newly opened Incheon Subway Line 2 (July 2016)


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Living in South Korea

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