Korean Acorn Jelly which is known as Dotorimuk (도토리묵) in South Korea, is a very popular and common side dish. In Korea it is normally just simply called Muk, although this just means Jelly. Dotorimuk is produced by a traditional but simple process of first boiling the acorns for many hours until they’ve melted into a paste, after which is the paste is sieved and allowed to cool down into the final Dotorimuk product.

Like with all Korean side dishes prices range depending on season and quailty. One packet of Dotrimuk can be found for as little as ₩500, however normally it’s between ₩1500 and ₩3000.

The taste is pretty mild and therefore it’s often dipped into either soy sauce or chilli paste.

Pictures of Korean Acorn Jelly / Dotorimuk

Korean Acorn Jelly

Korean Acorn Jelly  1

Korean Acorn Jelly Packet

Korean Acron Jelly 2


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