Inside an instant Korean Hot Pack

It’s spring now so the need for instant hot packs (or 핫 팩 in Korean) is limited, however have you ever thought what is inside one? And how does it work? Because we thought the same, it seems like a bag of soil but magically can make your hands (and maybe feet) warmer in the depths of Winter.

How Does It Work

Inside a hot pack there is a mixture of metals and other compounds. Once the hot pack has been activated the different metals attract each other, in turn this movement causes friction and finally heat. Once the metals stop moving then the bag cools down and cannot be used again.

What’s Inside an Instant Hot Pack (Pictures)

Korean Hot Pack 2

Korean Hot Pack 1

Korean Hot Pack 3


If you know any more information on the science behind Hot Packs or have any questions for us please feel free to let us know.
Thank you for your time.

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