(Before we start sorry for the day delay) For this weeks KPOP Song of the Week we’ve chosen “The Day We Broke Up” (헤어지던 날) by ZE:A-FIVE (제아파이브). This song was officially released on the 24th of March on YouTube and so far it has amassed around 135,000 views. Here are our reasons for choosing “The Day We Broke Up” for our song of the week:

  • Firstly the song has more of a fresh Spring / early summer feel, which is great has at the moment to day are getting warmer.
  • Secondly the video fun and interesting without going to over the top.
  • Finally tune and main course are additively memorable.
  • On the negative side; sometimes the video is a little bit too cutey and a little camp, mainly the camping scene.

ZEA Five mini tipi's

More Information on ZE:A


ZEA’s official Facebook Fan Page: fb.com/zea2012

Or follow them on Twitter: twitter.com/zea_9

ZEA Five The Day We Broke Up

Other versions:

Here is a version with English, Korean and Romanized Subtitled lyrics:

This is a live version which was performed on Mnet Countdown:


We hope you’ve enjoyed and agree with our choice for KPOP Song of the week. If you have any suggestions for next weekend, please let us know.

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Have a great week.

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