Korean Water Filtration System Action

It may seem strange to anyone not living in South Korea but sadly pure drinking water doesn’t come out of the tap / fosset here in South Korea (normally). It is drinkable but it isn’t advisable. Therefore you have 3 options; buying bottled water, getting a water cooler or getting a Water Filtration System. Most people and businesses go for the Water Filtration System because of it ease of use, low running costs and quality product.

Our Cuckoo Water Filtration System

Personally we have a Cuckoo brand Water Filtration System which is one of the brand leaders here in South Korea. It gives you crystal clear drinking water as well as piping hot water at the touch of a button. It costs us around ₩20,000 per month which includes servicing and the spread cost of the machine. There are many different models and plans out there but this is a middle of the range one. Here are a few pictures (sorry about the quality, sadly it’s a little tricky to take pictures in the kitchen because of the reflective surfaces):

Korean Water Filtration System

Korean Water Filtration System Hot and Cold

Korean Water Filtration System 4

Korean Water Filtration System 3

Korean Water Filtration System 2

Cuckoo Korea Logo - Korean Water Filtration System

Popular Korean Water Filtration System Adverts

Here are a few different Water Filtration System adverts from here in South Korea.

This ad is for the Cuckoo Model and features Won Bin:

This ad for the Woongjin Coway System and features KPOP stars Girls Generation:

This ad also for for the Woongjin Coway System features and KPOP boy band 2pm members Taecyeon and Wooyoung:


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