Bbong Dderak Pizza Bupyeong Incheon

Recently we went to Bbong Dderak Pizza in Bupyeong, Incheon. Bbong Dderak Pizza (뽕뜨락) is chain of pizzerias in South Korea with locations in basically major cities. It’s a nice mid priced place which keeps thing simple and over play the experience of just having a pizza.


Here are a few pictures which we took during our visit:

Bbong Dderak Pizza - Side

Bbong Dderak Pizza 4

Bbong Dderak Pizza 3

Bbong Dderak Pizza 2

Bbong Dderak Pizza 1

Bbong Dderak Pizza 5

Bbong Dderak Pizza Napkin


We went for the Bacon and Cheese pizza (Golden Bacon), it proved to be a great move. Bacon and Chesse in South Korea are uncommon and often when you do find it it’s a little rubbery and cheap, however this was not the case here at Bbong Dderak. The Bacon was nice and meaty, and the cheese was thick and stringy. The service was also great, the pizzeria is run by a family and has a nice atmosphere. A full menu can be found HERE.

The pizza cost ₩12,900 and was plenty for 2 people at lunch time.


Here is the location of the Bupyeong, Incheon branch of Bbong Dderak Pizza:

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For a complete list of Bbong Dderak Pizza locations they’re all listed here (in Korean)

bbong dderak pizza logo


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Thank you for your time and if you have any questions or comments about Bbong Dderak Pizza or just food in Korea in general please let us know either here or via Facebook or Twitter.

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