For this weeks Modern Seoul KPOP Song of the Week we’ve chosen “Love Actually” (들었다 놨다) by Sunny Hill & Daybreak (써니힐, 데이브레이크). This song was officially released on April 4th on YouTube and so far it has amassed around 50,000 views. Here are our reasons for choosing “Love Actually” for our song of the week:

  • Firstly the song flows well and neither Sunny Hill or Daybreak overpower each other.
  • Secondly the video is over the top but because of comedian Kim Sungwon (American Student on Gag Concert) it’s acceptable. The heart chest hair is a strangely memorable moment.
  • Finally both the song and video are interesting on their own…however
  • On the negative side; the comedy style of video and romantic song don’t always match up well.

Kim Sungwon from Love Actually

More Information on Sunny Hill & DayBreak

Sunny Hill from Love Actually

Sunny Hill’s official Facebook Fan Page:
DayBreak’s Official Facebook Fan Page:데이브레이크

Or follow them on Twitter:
Sunny Hill (Mi-Sung): @Misung_Hill
DayBreak: @Band_Daybreak
Kim Sungwon: @sugarray1984

Sunny Hill and Daybreak - Love Actually

Other versions:

Live Version on SBS:


We hope you’ve enjoyed and agree with our choice for KPOP Song of the week. If you have any suggestions for next weekend, please let us know.

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Have a great week.

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