Korean Delivery Food Set

Sometimes when it’s really cold or hot, rainy or snowy outside or just when you’re being lazy having delivery food (takeout) is a nice treat. In South Korea having food delivered is a common event and you see the delivery scooters zipping around basically 24/7.

For our Lazy Lunch we called a local restaurant placed our order: One Soft Tofu Stew (순두부찌개), One Tuna Kimbap (참치 김밥) and One Meat Mandu (고기만두) gave our info and waiting maybe 20mins for it to arrive. The great total was just ₩11,000 ($11) payable by either by cash or card.  There is no charge for delivery and they even come back later to collect the dirty dishes (and spoon).

Pictures of our Lazy Korean Lunch

Here is a picture record of our Lazy Korean Delivery Food Lunch. Sorry some of the pictures are a little blurry, we used a camera phone.

Korean Delivery Food Ultensils

Korean Delivery Food Side dishes

Korean Delivery Food Side Dishes 2

Korean Delivery Food Tofu Soup 1

Korean Delivery Food Tofu Soup

Korean Delivery Food Mandu 1

Korean Delivery Food Mandu

Korean Delivery Food Kimbap 1

Korean Delivery Food Kimbap

Korean Delivery Food Set

More Information, Drawbacks and Rough How to Video

Firstly here is an example Korean Food Delivery Menu, as you can see it is completely in Korean and as you might guess you need to be able to read and speak pretty good Korean in order to order delivery food in South Korea. Plus you will need to know your address.

Korean Delivery Food Menu

Also here is an old video (5 years ago) made by the guys at Eat Your Kimchi explaining the steps, it should help you out a little.

And once again (and more recently in 2012) the Eat Your Kimchi crew made this video:


If you have any questions or comments relating to Korean Delivery Food or Delivery Food in South Korea  please feel free to let us know.

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