Croatian Diaso Mug Korea 2

There are many strange and wonderful thing on offer in your local Daiso store in South Korea, from Kitchen Products to Stationary to Garden products. Daiso is in fact a Japanese company and similar to a 99¢ or PoundLand, although in Korea the products range in price from ₩1000 to ₩5000 (rarely higher).

One of the strange items which we found where 2 Mugs themed on places in Croatia. One was for the capital Split and the other Trogir on the Dalmatia Coast. It’s pretty odd as normally mugs here in Korea are based on more popular cities such as Paris, New York or London.

We bought these mugs over a year ago and we surprised when watch an Eat Your Kimchi Live Feed that they mentioned these mugs and that you can still find them all these months later. That might show a high demand from consumers, but most likely they where extras they haven’t sold yet. Also they aren’t made in either Korea or Croatia but China.

The Two Famous (ish) Daiso Croatian Themed Mugs

Here are the two mugs, please not they we’ve used them for the past year and so are not in mint condition.

Croatian Diaso Mug Korea

Croatian Diaso Mug Korea - Split

Croatian Diaso Mug Korea - Croatia

Croatian Diaso Mug Korea - Dalmatia

Croatian Diaso Mug Korea - Trogir

Croatian Diaso Mug Korea 1

Croatian Diaso Mug Korea - Made in China

Eat Your Kimchi Video

Here is the Eat Your Kimchi video mentioning the mugs and it should start at that part. If not just move onto 44:40 and that is the correct part.

If the video above doesn’t work here is a link:


We’ll be writing a more detailed article about the joys of shopping at Daiso in South Korea soon. If you have any questions, comments or feelings about the Croatian Theme Mugs please let us know either by commenting below, on facebook, twitter or via email.

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