Go Stop Korean Card Game - Box 2

This is a traditional Korean Card Game called Go Stop / 고스톱 or 맞고 (Matgo). This game is very popular in South Korea with many adults and normally is played for fun, however some people do illegally play for money. The packs go be bought from basically every local mart, supermarket and even 7Eleven, prices range from ₩2,000 to ₩5,000 on average.

The super basic aim is to get points by collecting sets of matching cards. Different cards are special and are more valuable then normal cards. The full rules can be found below or in the videos.

Pictures of Go Stop (Box & Cards)

Here is an example pack which we bought from Daiso for just ₩2,000.

Go Stop Korean Card Game - Box 3

Go Stop Korean Card Game - Box Back

Here are the different cards.

Go Stop Korean Card Game - Cards

Go Stop Korean Card Game - Cards 4

Go Stop Korean Card Game - Cards 1

Modern Style Cards

Modern Stop Go Close Modern Stop Go Stop Go - Beer Soju

How to Play Videos and Links

This video by the guys at Eat Your Kimchi gives you a good idea of how to play and the fun that can be had.

This video explains simply about Go Stop and is presented by Steve Miller (Qiranger) & BusanKevin.


How to Play pagat.com/fishing/gostop.html

Blog post by Steve Miller (Qiranger) about Go Stopblog.korea.net/?p=1011

In Conclusion

If you have any questions or comments about Go Stop please let us know either by commenting below, on Facebook, Twitter or via email.
Thank you for your time.

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