Tubu Bap (두부밥) - Korean Tofu Stuffed with Rice

Tubu Bap (두부밥) is an easy to make Korean snack / side dish. It is simply Tofu Stuffed with Rice, just like the name suggests as 두부밥 translates as Tofu Rice. It popular in both North and South Korea due to the fact that all of the ingredients are easy to find and also it can be modified to use up extra things you may have left over in your kitchen. We’ll do our best to simply example how to make Tubu Bap / 두부밥 so you can enjoy at home.

Ingredients Needed

Soy Sauce
Spring Onion (optional)

You could also add meat, seafood and/or any other vegetables you have.

Rough Guide to Making Tubu Bap / 두부밥 (with Pictures)

Step 1: Cut a piece of Tofu into a thick triangle and place into a lightly oiled pan.

Triangle Tofu - Tubu Bap

Step 2: Cut your vegetables (plus other ingredients) finely.

Vegetables for Tubu Bap

Step 3: When the Tofu is cooked place it on the side.

Fried Tofu - Tubu Bap

Step 4: Fry of your ingredients some a generous helping of Soy Sauce.

Fried Vegetables - Tubu Bap

Step 5: Cut into your Tofu making a pocket for the rice.

Cutting Tofu - Tubu Bap

Step 6: Stuff the Tofu with cooked white rice

Stuff the Rice - Tubu Bap

Step 7: Add a spoonful of your Soy-Vegetable mix on top of the Tobu Bap and enjoy.


More Pictures of Tubu Bap / 두부밥

Finished Tubu Bap

Tubu Bap - Korean Tofu Stuffed with Rice



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