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If you are living in South Korea as a foreigner one place you’ll end up visiting at some point will be your district Immigration Office. The internal working and layout all of them is pretty similar and it’s one place that you’re sure to find someone who speaks English.

Firstly before you go you should firstly make sure you have all of the correct documentation and information you need. What’s required depends on your reason for visiting and therefore will be different every time, however having payment in ready in cash is always a good idea.

Secondly it is now (as of March 2016) REQUIRED that you book an appointment in advance via the Immigration Website (CLICK HERE).

Incheon Immigration Office

Korean Immigration Office in Incheon Big Sign 1

If you live / work in Incheon then you’ll have to visit the Incheon Immigration Office, which unlike the one’s in Seoul and Suwon is located in a more industrial area close to the port. This means that it’s more difficult to visit and there are less buses that operate in the area. Here is a map of where is it located:

Address: 1-31, Hangdong 7-ga, Jung-gu, Incheon-si, South Korea
Phone: 032-890-6305 / 6306 also the Immigration main line is 1345

Also this office still has the separate area for Chinese nationals (due to China Town in Incheon) which means things move a lot quicker.

Here are some more pictures of the building so you know what to look for.

Korean Immigration Office in Incheon 3

Korean Immigration Office in Incheon 2

Korean Immigration Office in Incheon

Korean Immigration Office in Incheon 1

Directions Via Subway and Bus (maybe Taxi)

Korean Immigration Office in Incheon Bus

There are a few different options and it does depend a little on where you are traveling from (warning these directions are a little dated now);

2016 Update: The Suin Line extention goes close to the Immigration Center, Sungui Station is the closest stop (exit 3) and about a 10mins walk or short taxi ride.

From (or via) Bupyeong: This is the easiest way, take the dark blue subway Line 1 to Dong Incheon and then the number 12 bus (pictured above). It should take 30mins and the bus stops just outside the office.

From (or via) Incheon Bus Terminal: You can take either the 36 or 4 buses from here. The 36 is a little easier as it stops outside the Inha University Hospital which is an easier to spot stop. Then walk turns the port and it’s on your right. The number 4 the bus crosses the street just north of the office (10min walk).

From (or via) Yeonsu / Songdo: You can take the 6-1 bus from Songdo and it stops close to Campus Town, Dongmuk and Songdo stations as well as Yeonsu Office. It takes around an hour from New Songdo. However you will need to walk 10mins as the bus crosses the street just north of the office.

From (or via) Gyeyang: You can either take the subway to Bupyeong and follow the directions from above, or you can take the number 88 (Gyesan), Incheon Subway, or other bus and transfer onto the number 12 at Galsan Station.

Korean Immigration Office in Incheon Big Sign


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to let me know.

Also for more information on living / working in Incheon please click here.

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