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Tak Galbi is a national favorite in South Korea (more info here) and it’s basically speaking spicy chicken stir fry. We recently went to a nice Tak Galbi Restaurant called “Chuncheon Jib Tak Galbi” in Sincheon just down the road from Yonsei University.

We chose this place partly due to price (around ₩6,000 per person) and also because of the cheese they use it nice and a big portion. There isn’t much else to say about this place it’s nice, cheap and tasty and well worth checking out if you’re in the area.

The Food

Here are a few pictures from our visit:

Sinchon Tak Galbi - Hot Place

Sinchon Tak Galbi  - Cheese and Olives

Sinchon Tak Galbi  - Before

Sinchon Tak Galbi  2

Sinchon Tak Galbi  3

Sinchon Tak Galbi  3

Sinchon Tak Galbi  - Side Dish

Other Pictures

Sinchon Tak Galbi  - Hite Dry

Sinchon Tak Galbi  Somek Glass

Where / Location

This map shows it’s rough location of Chuncheon Jib Tak Galbi:

Basically if you are coming from Sincheon Station (Line 2) then leave exit 2 and walk toward Yonsei University and take the 3rd street on the left then turn left again and it will be on your left on the ground floor.


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