Korean Watermelon Summer 2013

One of the most iconic summer fruits is the watermelon (수박), even the name sounds refreshing. Now we’re mid way into June and summer is in full swing, we went down to our local street market to find our first watermelon. The watermelon season started a few weeks ago and so the prices for maybe at their lowest. We found a nice condition 6kg one for just ₩8,000.

Cutting our Watermelon

Korean Watermelon Big 1

Korean Watermelon Big 2

Korean Watermelon Sliced 1

Korean Watermelon Sliced 2

Korean Watermelon Sliced 3

Korean Watermelon Sliced finished

Taste & Extra

A nice sweet watermelon without to many seeds. Many people have commented in the past that Korea has some of the best watermelons in the world. So if you’re in Korea this summer (or any summer in the future) you should try some watermelon.

Korean Watermelon Sliced Modern Seoul

We also got a nice watermelon holder (for free), which is displayed and explained nicely here by the guys from Eat Your Kimchi:


If you have any questions about watermelon or fruits in Korea in general please feel free to let us know.

Have a great day.

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