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If you’re looking for some fast food in South Korea then you’re never to far away from a Lotteria. This hamburger chain which was formed in the 1970’s by a Korean entrepreneur in Japan and spread to Korea a few years later. Now there are around 1,000 Lotteria franchises in South Korea.

Overall the burger selection is good but many are more Korean style, for example the bulgogi burger. However at the end of 2012 they released a new burger called the Lotz Burger (랏츠버거). The Lotz Burger is basically the Lotteria version of a quarter pounder and a set menu will set you back  ₩5,700 ($6). This burger is a little different has it isn’t so fast, they cook each one per order so that they are fresh.

Verdict: It’s the best burger that Lotteria currently offers and is maybe as good as the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder or the Burger King Wooper. The only slight issue is the slight lack of salad. Overall the Lotz Burger is well worth trying.

The Lotteria Lotz Burger

Here are a few pictures of the burger and the set.

Lotz Burger Set Lotteria Korea

Lotz Burger Set 1 Lotteria Korea

Lotz Burger 1 Lotteria Korea

Lotz Burger  Lotteria Korea

Lotz Burger Recipt Lotteria Korea

Some more detailed pictures can be found on this Korean blog:

Lotz Burger Advertising

Here is a Advert / Commercial (CF) from the Lotz Burger in South Korea:

Also here is a poster for the Lotz Burger:

Lotz Burger Lotteria Korea Poster

Other Lotteria Highlights

Other than burgers Lotteria does sell a number of other food items, including strangely fried chicken as well as these:

Soft Serve Ice Cream Lotteria Korea

This soft serve Ice Cream is a cheap summer (or winter) treat at only ₩500.

Pepsi Cola Lotteria Korea

They of course have the normal range of sodas.

Menu Lotteria Korea

More recently (2013) they’ve expanded the menu to include a few new and interesting things. We’ve heard that the chicken nuggets are pretty good but the rest isn’t great.

A full lotteria menu in English can be found here:

Lotteria Korea Logo


If you have any questions or comments about the Lotz Burger or Lotteria Korea in general, please feel free to post below or message us via Twitter or Facebook. Thank you and have a nice day.

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