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Hite Zero or Hite 0.00% is a Korean Non-Alcoholic Beer or Malt Beverage. Has far as we know it is also the only Korean non-alcoholic beer. Of course demand for non-alcoholic beer is pretty low as basically it only appeals to a small percentage of people, however at least Hite have produced an option.

Of course the Hite Jinro is most famous for producing products such as Soju, Hite Beer, Max Beer, Stout Beer but they also produce S Beer, Fosters Beer, Kirin Beer as well as Whiskey, Wine and even Water.


Cost: Cheap between ₩1000 and ₩2000 per can. (So less than $2)
Either cheaper if you buy in bulk 24 cans is less than 20,000 (GMarket Link)

Availability: Major Supermarkets and GMarket, so pretty good.

Taste: Watery Beer, so not good.

VS. Competition: Below Average. Macs is better as well as a couple of imported dutch non-alcoholic beers.

Overall: 2 out of 5

Hite Zero 0.00% Pictures

Hite Zero Can - Korean Non Alcoholic Beer 3

Hite Zero Can - Korean Non Alcoholic Beer 2

Hite Zero Can - Korean Non Alcoholic Beer

Hite Zero Can - Korean Non Alcoholic Beer 1

2014 Design

Hite Zero 2014 Design

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