Zombie Coffee Hongdae Seoul - front

There are coffee shops on basically every street in Korea and for the most part they are nice. However the quality of the coffee isn’t fantastic and they prefer to add a load of sugar and cream isn’t of quality coffee. Some Koreans have seen this gap in the market and have started to buck the trend and produce freshly roasted quality coffee. Zombie Coffee which is located in the Hongdae Area of Seoul is one of those places, they buy quality coffee beans and then roast themselves on site and then sell the quality coffee at a reasonable price.

When we visited the strange thing was that it was empty, we were the only customers on a nice Saturday afternoon. Sadly this does seem oddly common with some great places in Seoul, either they’re super busy or basically dead. We do hope that business will pick up as they really do produce some great coffee.

Pictures from Zombie Coffee

Here are a few pictures from the inside of Zombie Coffee:

Zombie Coffee Hongdae Seoul - inside 2

Zombie Coffee Hongdae Seoul - inside 1

Zombie Coffee Hongdae Seoul - roasting room

Here are some pictures of same Ice Coffees from Zombie Coffee:

Zombie Coffee Hongdae Seoul - coffee 1

Zombie Coffee Hongdae Seoul - coffee 2

Zombie Coffee Hongdae Seoul - coffee 4

Zombie Coffee Hongdae Seoul - coffee 3

Zombie Coffee Hongdae Seoul - coffee 5


Great Coffee, Great Location, Great Ambiance and all at a Great Price. Ice Coffees cost from just ₩4,000.

Zombie Coffee Hongdae Seoul - recipt

Zombie Coffee Location & Links

If you’d like to try some Zombie Coffee for yourselves here is a map of the location. It’s tucked away a little, however it’s almost behind the Eat Your Kimchi Studio and you can see it from Burger Bros. It’s also near NB2.

Also their address in Korean is: 마포구, 서교동, 362-12

Zombie Coffee Hongdae Seoul - Outside

Here are some useful links:

Facebook Home – fb.com/ZombieCoffeeRoasters

FourSquare Link – foursquare.com/v/zombie-coffee


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