Top 5 Andorid Applications for Traveling in Seoul South Korea

If you’re living in and/or traveling close to Seoul and South Korea in general, we’ve made this list of our Top 5 Free Android Travel related Applications. All of these applications can prove very useful day to day whilst traveling in and around Seoul (and South Korea in General).

The only downside is that all of these require an internet connect of some sort (wifi, LTE or 3G). Without an internet connection the quality and usefulness it reduced massively.

Here are top 5 use download FREE android travel applications when in Seoul (with Google Play Links):

Top 5

5 – Naver Maps or Google Maps

Naver Maps Logo

If you’re in Korea and looking for the best route somewhere than Naver Maps is maybe the best option around. Basically click your start and end points and it will give you directions, public transport details and travel time. All of the this is similar to Google but the accuracy is much higher. Plus it will also give you an estimated Taxi Fee, which is also very handy.

Here is the Google Play Free Download Link for “Naver Maps” (If you’re interested here in the Link for Google Maps)

Naver Maps Screenshot

4 – T Money Card Application

T-Money Card logo

Firstly T Money is a brand of NFC travel card which most Koreans who live in Seoul and the surrounding area use. Basically to put money onto the card at a subway station or mart and then use it to enter the subway lines or ride buses. This application basically turns your phone into a T Money Card. With the added benefit of a balance read out and a record of charges.
*Warning* To be able to use this you must have a NFC enabled phone with the NFC function turned on. Otherwise it will not work (we learnt the embarrassing and hard way.) Also if you’re phone doesn’t have power it may not work. And it’s in Korean. Still with these issues it’s a great backup if you lose your T Money card.

Here is the Google Play Free Download Link for “T Money 2“.

T-Money Card App Application

3 – T Money Card Balance Checker Application

T-Money Check Logo

This one is in English and by using the NFC mode on your cell phone will allow you to check the current balance of your T Money Travel Card. This can save you a lot of time and effort. If you’re in a rush you’ll know if you can get the next bus or instead top up your travel card first.

Here is the Google Play Free Download Link for “T-Money Balance Checker

T-Money Check Application

2 – Seoul Bus Application

Seoul Bus Logo

This is basically the only Bus Application for Seoul and the surrounding area (Incheon and Gyeonggi-do) and it’s really useful (but mostly in Korea). The most useful features are the real time Bus Stop Information Screen, which tells you the time until the next bus. Also it has bus routes (with maps) and details on nearby bus stops and buses. With a little practice this application can be super useful.

Here is the Google Play Free Download Link for “Seoul Bus

Seoul Bus App Screenshot

1 – Subway Application – Jihachul

Subway App Logo

Firstly it’s in English (as well as Japanese, Chinese and Korean), Secondly it’s reliable, Thirdly it can help you plan those day trips, morning commutes etc perfectly. This application allows you to find the best and quickest subway routes plus it also has the timetables so you can plan for transfers.

Here is the Google Play Free Download Link for “Seoul Subway / Jihachul

Seoul Subway Jihachul App Screenshot


If there is a special application we missed or if you agree/disagree with our list please feel free to send us a message via either below or via Twitter or Facebook.

We previous wrote of a post “Top 10 Free Android Applications (Spring 2013)” which you might also find interesting.

Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

Tim & Jeonghye
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