Seoul Racecourse Racing

We recently returned to Seoul Racecourse Park for some more Horse Racing. Back in 2011 we when to catch a fun days worth of race racing action (Previous Post Here). However 2 years later we felt it was time to give it about go and maybe find our fortunes (maybe).

As explained in the previous post Seoul Racecourse park is a little south of Seoul and next to Seoul Grand Park (home to Seoul Zoo and Seoul Land), so it’s only a short subway journey away (map below). When arriving you buy our ₩1000 ($1) racing guide (all in Korean) and walk to the Racecourse. The entrance fee as increased but only to ₩1,200 (might be more now) and you can even use your T Money Card to pay.

When you arrive you should try and find an English guide booklet, they’re free and explain the betting system, the form guide as well as the race course.

Races take place most of the year on Saturdays and Sundays, most race cards start at 11am and finish at around 5pm. It should also be noted that drinking alcohol is not permitted within the racecourse grounds.

Pictures of our Return

Seoul Racecourse Odds Board

Seoul Racecourse Overview

Seoul Racecourse Race Guide

Seoul Racecourse Racing 2

Seoul Racecourse Injuried Jockey

Seoul Racecourse Main Stand

Seoul Racecourse Petting Zoo Horse

More Information, Location and Links


The best way to get there is by subway, Seoul Racecourse Park Station on line4 (경마공원역) is less than 25mins away from Gangnam and the same from Seoul Station.

Links (All in English)

KRA Website –

Latest Information Page –

Visit Korea Page –

Lonely Planet Page –


If you have any questions or comments about Seoul Racecourse and/or Horse Racing in South Korea, please feel free to post below or message us via Twitter or Facebook.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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