Kanu Coffee Stick

The Instant Coffee market in Korea is booming and there are row after row of different styles and brands at various prices. At the higher end are Kanu and Looka which are considered more Premium Korean instant coffees. Unlike many others they don’t include any sugars, creamers or other additives and it’s just pure coffee.  Therefore the taste is more like a traditional coffee than the other coffee flavored blends.

Quick Comparison

Product: Same, Black Coffee (Americano)
Design: Very Similar
Cost: Same
Availability: Basically in every supermarket and convenience store in Korea, as well as on GMarket.
Quality: Same

Now the differences;
Producer: French Cafe (Looka) and Maxim (Kanu)
Taste: Kanu is rich and dark whilst Looka is smooth and sweeter.

So overall you can buy either and it’s basically the same product. Look out for specials and giveaways when making a decision.

Kanu Pictures

Kanu Mini Sticks Pack

Kanu Instant Coffee Korean

Kanu Black Coffee  Korean

Looka Pictures

Looka Coffee Pack Box

Looka Coffee and Flask

Looka Coffee Sticks in Box

Kanu Looka For Sale at Homeplus


Here is a TV commercial from Kanu Coffee:

Here is a print advert for Looka Coffee:

Looka Coffee Korean Advert


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