May - Korean Plum Wine 2

May or 매이 is a new type of Korean Plum Wine also called Maehwasu to be released here in South Korea. We feel that this release shows an increased demand for plum wine and other fruitier versions of Soju. The design of the bottle and the advertising campaign both seem a little more female focused. The advertising campaign features a cool Korean style Barbie Doll posing with bottles of May (see below).

May Advert - Korean Plum Wine

We personally really enjoy a bit of a change from the harshness of Soju, especially at the start of the night so this is a welcome release.

May / 매이 Details

Name: May or 매이
Manufacturer: Bohae
Alcoholic Percentage: 10%
Bottle Size: 300ml
Availability: Most major supermarkets and marts (We personally purchased it at Homeplus)


May - Korean Plum Wine

May - Korean Plum Wine 4

May - Korean Plum Wine 3

May - Korean Plum Wine 1


The Official Facebook Page is here:

Details on the Original Korean Plum Wine: Maehwasu by Jinro


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