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When either traveling to or living in South Korea (or any country really) a trip to a local market can be an interesting and eye opening experience. We recently went to Gyesan Street Market in Incheon, it is a lesser known Market in western circles but it’s popular with locals. The market boosts around 140 different stores and stalls selling everything from clothing to fruits and vegetables to meats and fish to homewear and household goods.

The prices in the market are generally on display so there isn’t a price for one person and a different one for another. If you buy multiple things can often get a little something as service (bonus), sometimes. The people working in the market don’t really speak English but will try but an apple is an apple so you don’t need to speak much (if any) Korean to do your shopping. Also most places don’t take card so bring cash.

This market has some cheap Kitchenware, bathroom products and other household goods which were are personal favorites. This market might not be the most interesting in Korea like some of the ones in Seoul, however it does have some local charm. The pictures below should be able to paint a slightly better pictures.

Pictures from Gyesan Market

Here are a few highlights from Gyesan Market:

A Bakery
A Bakery
Gyesan Market, Incheon - Butcher
A Butchers
Fresh Seafood
Fresh Seafood

Gyesan Market, Incheon - Octopus

Gyesan Market, Incheon - Fruit 2
Fruit and Vegetables

Gyesan Market, Incheon - Fruit

Gyesan Market, Incheon - Vegetables

Many Household Goods
Many Household Goods

Gyesan Market, Incheon - Fans

Inside of the Market:

Gyesan Market, Incheon - Inside

Gyesan Market, Incheon - Inside 2

Gyesan Market, Incheon - Inside 3

Location Map, Directions and Links

If you arrive at Gyeongin National University of Education Station which is on the Incheon Subway Line, then take exit 1 then take your first right and you’re basically there you just need to head down the road a little and it’s on the left (it’s pretty hard to miss).

Gyesan Market Location Map

More Information can be found here: Gyeyang-gu Office Link


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