Kin Cider Branding - Coca Cola Korea

Over the summer world super brand Coca Cola made the decision to Re-brand it’s soda DK to Kin Cider (킨 사이다). This basically it just losing the D or Dynamic part of the name, and reverting back to it’s original name. However the packaging is more of an interesting change as it looks very similar to the market leader Chilsung Cider which is produced by Lotte. This maybe a small thing but when you look at the Apple vs. Samsung protracted legal battles over design is this just the start? Lotte vs. Coca Cola round 1? Maybe not.

Pictures of Kin Cider

If you’re looking for DK or want to see the similarity to Chilsung Cider here are a few pictures.

Kin Cider Bottle - Coca Cola Korea

Kin Cider Bottle 2 - Coca Cola Korea

Kin Cider Top - Coca Cola Korea

Kin Cider Top 2 - Coca Cola Korea

Old Advertisement for Kin Cider


Here is a link to a Korean News Article pointing out the same comparison: Link

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