For this weeks Modern Seoul KPOP Song of the Week we’ve chosen “Stupid Love” (착해 빠졌어) by Soyou x Mad Clown (소유 x 매드클라운). Strangely we’ve chosen a song which currently doesn’t have an official video, however it’s been so popular and we just couldn’t wait a week. Here are our reasons for choosing “Stupid Love” for our KPOP song of the week:

  • Firstly the song blends rap and harmony fantastically.
  • Secondly the Soyou and Mad Clown both give fantastic performance bring real feeling to the lyrics.
  • Finally there isn’t really any English in the song which in our opinion makes it seem more real and heartfelt.
  • On the negative side; no official video yet.

Soyou x Mad Clown Stupid Love - Mad Clown Live

More Information on Soyou & Mad Clown

Soyou x Mad Clown Stupid Love - Soyou 2

Firstly Soyou is best known as part of the KPOP girl group Sistar. She grew up on Jeju Island and has been part of the KPOP music scene since joining Sistar.

Secondly Mad Clown is a 28 year old Korean-American rapper who started his career 5 years ago but only now has started to make it big. He recently appeared on TV show “Show Me The Money 2”.

Key Links:
Sistar Webpage –
Soyou Facebook Fanpage –
Mad Clown Facebook Fanpage –

Soyou x Mad Clown Stupid Love - Mad Clown

Soyou x Mad Clown Stupid Love - Soyou

Soyou x Mad Clown Stupid Love - Cover

Other versions:

English, Korean and Romanized Version of Stupid Love (audio only):

LIVE version:

See Above


We hope you’ve enjoyed this KPOP Song of the week and also that you agree with our choice. If you have any suggestions for next weekend, please let us know.

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I hope you have a great Sunday

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