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Summer 2013 maybe drawing to a close here in South Korea but one of the better additions was the ₩1000 ($1) Iced Coffee from McCafe at McDonald’s. McDonald’s might not serve the best coffee in the world but it was at least cheap. In Korea coffee or at least coffee shops are very popular, however the prices can be pretty high with the average being around ₩3500 ($3.50) for an iced black coffee / Americano. Therefore this cheap but tasty option from McDonald’s was a nice summer addition and something which we personally hope returns in 2014.

Pictures of the McDonald’s Iced Coffee

McCafe Iced Coffee - McDonalds Korea

Iced Coffee Info Side - McDonalds Korea

Iced Coffee Full - McDonalds Korea


Here is a 20 second TV commercial from McDonald’s Korea for it’s ₩1000 Iced Coffee.

It is an example Print ad again for this years ₩1000 Iced Coffee

McDonalds Korea Iced Coffee Print Ad

mcdonalds logo


For more information on McDonald’s Korea, please check out this previous post: McDonald’s in Korea

If you have any comments or questions about the ₩1000 Iced Coffee or McDonald’s in General please feel free to let us know but the normal methods.

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