L Imported German Beer Set

In the past couple of years the number of different imported beer in Korea has increased and has started to migrate from the specialty stores and bars to the supermarkets and corner stores. The main issue however was price, an imported beer would often be 50% more expensive than a Korean Beer. However recently a new and cheaper imported beer arrived with the simple name L. It comes in 3 different forms L Weizen, L Lager and L Dark. They are all imported from Germany and retail at around ₩2600 each.

We first saw them at Lotte Mart when they were on a super special price of just ₩1600 but they’ve now gone up to ₩2600. They have now also spread to be in some CU Marts and GS25s.

In our opinion they are slightly better than the regular Korean Beers, a bit thicker and stronger. However they aren’t at the same level as other imported beers such as Heineken and Becks. They are worth trying out and are well worth there small price tag.

L Imported German Beers

Details of L

Producer / Brewer: Brauerei zum Schwarzen Adler

Origin: Wassertrüdingen, Germany

Alcoholic Content: 4.9%

Size: 500ml

Price: Between ₩2000 and ₩2700 ($2 to $3)

L German Beer on Sale at Korean Mart

L Weizen

This is L Weizen, and as the name suggests it’s a Weizen style of Beer (Wheat Beer). It’s also known as Weißbier or White Beer.

L Weizen German Beer Can

Pouring Instructions
Pouring Instructions

L Weizen German Beer

L Lager

L Lager once again as the name suggests is a lager. A more gassy beer, similar to Budweiser or Cass.

L Lager German Beer Can

L Lager German Beer

L Dark

Finally we have L Dark, this is a dark beer or a Dunkel. Similar to Becks Dark or Hite Stout.

L Dark German Beer Can

L Dark German Beer


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